For twenty years I traveled around the world buying handicrafts, clothing, textiles and artifacts. What I loved about making a living as a buyer abroad was that it would take me to different countries for long periods of time. On my first visit to Istanbul I spent six weeks before my purchasing began to visit the bazaars, admire the architecture, eat the wonderful cuisine and study textiles with a local collector. Turkey is an old culture, and the people are part of that ancient fabric. The scenes that you may envision; friends sitting relaxed over a two hour lunch, gentleman playing backgammon, a group of merchants debating the beauty and value of a textile fragment; all of this is a way of life that still exists to an extent, a way that rewards quality and time over quantity and breakneck speed.
Like many of you I don't have the luxury of spending 3 months in Turkey these days. I have restaurants to run! However, I do have the privilege of sharing my experiences with you and spending a week in Istanbul in a relaxed manner: as I believe it's meant to be explored. I'll be taking groups of twelve people for what I anticipate will be a memorable experience.

Our trip is crafted with leisure, quality, good value, walking and public transport in mind. It will include a lovely family run boutique hotel as our base, a local guide, trustworthy taxis at our disposal, historical landmarks, shops, markets, restaurants and places that seem hidden unless one knows where they are.

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